L’histoire d’une station sans égale

A period like the one we are living in is often the best contextto be creative. We allow ourselves to dream, we allow ourselves to imagine concepts that would usually have been perceived as completely crazy, and it is often in these moments that we manage to surpass ourselves by concretizing ideas that at the beginning, seemed impossible.le.

It is obvious that like everyone else, theABP Group had to rethink many of its priorities, processes and even its corporate vision. This reflection led us to study our strengths, and to assess the resources that we had at our disposal, while reflecting on the new needs that this era brought into the daily lives of our clients. It was at this point that the idea of la high-end sanitary station has appeared.

In our vision, it had class, was personalized, but above all it was a local product that we could build directly intoour workshops. We were very excited by this project since it would undoubtedly bring a feeling of security and allay the concerns of our customers and the general public!!

The plan is now simple: to achieve a durable prototype that could bepersonalized in the colors of our partners or even their events. Now that the idea was on the table, we had to be able to lead it to become a concrete product that would live up to our expectations.s.

What seemed so simple at first turned out to bee quite a challenge since it was very difficult to get the vending machine that we wanted to integrate into our sanitary station. Remember, in the early days of the crisis, there was a race to sanitize their hands, so everyone was looking to stock up on this type of dispenser.r.

We therefore faced a major pitfall:find vending machines to offer a contactless system. This mechanism was a key element in this concept and without it the product would not be the same. We were starting to think that maybe this idea was just a dream when a glimmer of hope appeared.on. Denis, our production manager had the idea to discuss the situation with his son who is a student at ETS. The latter challenged himself to build the mechanism himself from A to Z, a challenge he took up with flying colors. Thanks to him, we now had not only a product made here, but also a beautiful representation of the feats that it is possible to accomplish when everyone puts a little of their own!u sien!

Merci Denis

Now that the first step is taken and we have everything we need to build this top of the range resort, all we have to do is share this wonderful product, and this is where you come in! Talk to those around you to be sure that this sanitary station knows its full potential! We are proud to offer ar un local product customizable but above all sustainable which will allow our customers to promote their brand image while avoiding propagation.

For any information on this product, contact our team!

Email: clients@groupeabp.com

Station sanitaire sans contact

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