Le Groupe ABP et la réparation mécanique

It all started with an exchange of texts between Karina and Maryse. Having known each other for several years, they discussed the Covid-19 crisis, which affects a lot of people in need. Maryse, being in the health network, described the situation of young people in wheelchairs, who could no longer receive the repair services they needed following the closure of specialized schools.

Following this wonderful idea, the ABP Group offered to prepare, deliver and install a 10X10 tent with a flat floor, completely free of charge, in order to offer young people the possibility of obtaining the necessary repairs on their wheelchairs.s.

Famille Groupe ABP

It was on a Monday morning that the magic of this family mission was set in motion. Martin Houde, co-owner, and his father, nicknamed Monsieur Houde, prepared the order in the warehouse so that everything would be ready before the arrival of Stéphane Morin, also co-owner, and his family. Indeed, Antoine, Eliott and Karina the two sons of Stéphane and his wife had undertaken to be present in order to bring all the help necessary during the delivery and the installation of the tent on the site. We cannot forget to mention the presence of Luc, a devoted and passionate foreman of the ABP Group, who was also going to lend a hand to the realization of this great project!beau projet!

After a few burgers on site, the assembly began. Not being part of the usual team for this type of installation, our team of volunteers was able to install everything without worry but having to take a little more time than expected. As a result of the generosity, creativity and efforts of our team, this structure is now available to offer, by appointment, the services required to repair the wheelchairs of these young people, until the end of the crisis.rise.

CHU Sainte-Justine

In short, a great collaboration between the ABP Group and Sainte-Justine Hospital, clearly illustrating that these two organizations are in action and in solidarity!!

Chu sainte-justine

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